Basic Electrical Engineering MCQ for Industrial Extension officer, RRB JE,SSC JE, Electrican, Sub Engineer

January 26, 2019

Basic Electrical Engineering MCQ for Industrial Extension officer, RRB JE,SSC JE, Electrican, Sub Engineer

1.   Ohm’s law is applicable only when

a.     Voltage is constant

b.     Length is same

c.      Cross sectional area is same

d.     Temperature is constant…….

2.     A tolerance of 20% in the value of carbon resistor is represented by

a.     Gold band

b.     Black band

c.      Silver band

d.     Without any band…

3.     In a parallel bank with unequal branch resistances

a.     The current is highest in the lowest R….

b.     The voltage is highest across the lowest K

c.      The current is highest in the highest R

d.     The current is equal in all branches

4.     Which is the best conductor of electricity

a.     Carbon

b.     Silver….

c.      Copper

d.     Iron

5.     Ten number of 20 ohm resistors are connected in parallel across a 220 V DC supply. The branch current is

a.     20 A

b.     11 A…

c.      22 A

d.     110 A

6.     The electron in the last orbit of an atom are called

a.     Free electrons

b.     Valance electrons…

c.      Bound electrons

d.     Thermonic electrons

7.     Newton-meter is the unit of

a.     Energy

b.     Torque….

c.      Power

d.     Work

8.     100 Farad capacitance is obtained by connecting 10 Farad capacitors

a.     10 Nos in series

b.     10 Nos in parallel…

c.      10 Nos in series parallel

d.     100 Nos in series

9.     When two resistance are connected in series,they have

a.     Same resistance values

b.     Same voltage across them

c.      Different resistance values

d.     Same current passing through them….

10.            If a 220 V heater used  on 110 V supply, heat produced by it would be

a.     One –half

b.     Twice

c.      One-fourth…

d.     Four times
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Basic Electronics Expected Questions for Industrial Extension officer, RRB ,SSC

January 22, 2019
INDUSTRIAL EXTENSION Officer Exam coaching

•Application of DC voltage to a diode, transistor, or other device to produce a desired mode of operation is called

Group of eight bits in a binary data is called

Transistor in which both free electrons and holes are current carriers is termed as
•bipolar transistor....
•dipolar transistor
•tripolar transistor

Amount of energy required to produce full conduction across pnjunction in forward bias is called
•barrier potential....
•barrier difference
•barrier intensity
•barrier density

Region of semiconductor which is very thin and lightly doped as compared to other regions is called

•Process of imparting impurities to an intrinsic semiconductor materials in order to control its conduction characteristics is called

LED stands for
•Light Emitting Damp
•Light Emitting Diode......
•Light Emitter Diode
•Long Emitter Diode

•A symbolic diagram representing an electrical or electronic circuit is termed as
•symbolic diagram
•schematic diagram....
•block diagram
•A curve which represents relationship of diode voltage and current is
•VI laplacecurve
•VI characteristic.....
•VI Coupled curve
•VI dominant curve

•Angle which defines whether a light ray will be reflected or refracted when it strikes surface is called
•angle of modulation
•angle of incident
•critical angle.....
•angle of reluctance

•Most numerous charge carrier in a doped semiconductor material is called
•majority carriers....
•minority carriers

•Embedded systems is branch of

•Two transistors; one npnand other pnphaving matched characteristics are termed as
•Captured Symmetry transistors
•Computer Symmetry transistors
•Complementary System transistors
•Complementary Symmetry transistors....

•Resistance of resistor is measured in

•Uncharged particle found in nucleus of an atom is

•LASCR stands for
•Light Activated System Controlled Rectifier
•Light Activated Silicon Controlled Rectifier....
•Light Activated System Common Rectifier
•Light Advanced System Controlled Rectifier

•Most heavily doped of three semiconductor regions of a BJT is called

•Removal or addition of an electron from or to a neutral atom so that resulting atom has a net positive or negative charge is called

•Application of DC voltage to a diode, transistor, or other device to produce a desired mode of operation is called

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The Best Books for RRB JE Prepaaration

January 13, 2019

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Lucent gk

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January 13, 2019

90. Select the correct statement
A. Lizards lay eggs but crocodiles give birth to babies
B. Birds lay eggs but bats give birth to babies
C. Both bats and birds lay eggs
D. Tortoises and crocodiles give birth to babies
Ans. B.
91. The HCF and LCM of 24 and 36 are respectively
A. 12, 36 B. 24, 24
C. 12, 72 D. 36, 72
Ans. C.
92. The least number which when divided by 15 and 18 leaving remainder 6 in each case is
A. 84 B. 96
C. 264 D. 276
Ans. B.
93. If a : b = 5 : 6 and a + b = 220, then a is equal to
A. 100 B. 120
C. 130 D. 140
Ans. A.
94. If 4, x, 2x, 32 are in proportion, then x is equal to
A. 8√2 B. 8
C. 16 D. 16√2
Ans. B.
95. If 15% of a number is 9, then number is
A. 30 B. 45
C. 60 D. 75
Ans. C.
96. The simple interest on Rs. 300 for 3.5 years, at 6% per annum is
A. Rs. 45 B. Rs. 50
C. Rs. 53 D. Rs. 63
Ans. D.
97. Compound interest on Rs. 1000 for 3 years compound annually at 10% per annum is
A. Rs. 331 B. Rs. 300
C. Rs. 1300 D. Rs. 1331
Ans. A.
98. The cost price of an article if Rs. 260. If it is sold at profit of 10%, then selling price is
A. Rs. 234 B. Rs. 286
C. Rs. 334 D. Rs. 386
Ans. B.
99. The selling price of an article is Rs. 648. If it was sold at a profit of 8%, the cost price of the article was
A. Rs. 500 B. Rs. 550
C. Rs. 600 D. Rs. 630
Ans. C.
100. A shopkeeper mixes 30 kg of wheat which cost him Rs. 16/kg with 20 kg of wheat which cost him Rs. 18/kg. He sells the mixture at Rs. 20/kg. His gains is
A. Rs. 260 B. Rs. 220
C. Rs. 180 D. Rs. 160
Ans. D.
101. Two vessels A and B, sprit and water are in the ratio 7 : 2 and 7 : 4 respectively. The ratio in which these are mixed which contains spirit and water in the ratio 2:1 is
A. 3:11 B. 11:3
C. 2:7 D. 7:2
Ans. A.
102. A person cycles at the speed of 36 km/h. The time taken by him in seconds, to cover a distance of 1500 m is
A. 160 B. 150
C. 120 D. 90
Ans. B.
103. A train is moving at a speed of 72 km/h. In 5 seconds it will cover a distance of
A. 60 m B. 80 m
C. 100 m D. 120 m
Ans. C.
104. A can do a piece of work in 30 days and B can do same work in 20 days. If they work together, in how many days they can complete the same work?
A. 10 B. 12
C. 15 D. 16
Ans. B.
105. P and Q can do a piece work in 15 days, Q and R in 12 days and R and P in 20 days. The number of days required for R to complete the same work is
A. 60 B. 50
C. 30 D. 20
Ans. C.
106. The average of first 5 odd prime numbers is
A. 5.4 B. 5.8
C. 6.8 D. 7.8
Ans. D.
107. The average of 18 observations is 30 and average of 22 observations is 40. The average of all combined observations is
A. 35.5 B. 35
C. 36 D. 36.5
Ans. A.
108. The sum of first 20 terms of the AP
5, 9, 13, 17, …., is
A. 850 B. 840
C. 820 D. 860
Ans. D

125. The India legislature was made bi-cameral for the first time by

A. Indian Council Act 1892

B. Indian Council Act 1909

C. The Government of India Act 1919

D. The Government of India Act 1935

Ans. C.

126. Recommendations to the president of India on the specific Union state fiscal relations are made by the-

A. Finance Minister

B. Reserve Bank of India

C. Planning Commission

D. Finance Commission

Ans. D.

127. Who had estimated National income in India first

A. Dadabhai Naoroji

B. R.C Dutt

C. M.G. Ranade

D. W. Hunter

Ans. A.

128. Match the Dams and the States in which they are situated

List-1(Dam) List-2 (State)

1. Tungabhadra 1. Kerala

2. Lower bhawani 2. Andhra Pradesh

3. Idukki 3. Tamil Nadu

4. Nagarjuna Sagar 4. Karnataka

A. A-3 B-2 C-4 D-1

B. A-2 B-4 C-3 D-1

C. A-4 B-3 C-1 D-2

D. A-1 B-4 C-1 D-3

Ans. C.

129. Which one of the following was the Chairman of the Committee on Pricing and Taxation of Petroleum Products?

A. Raja J. Chelliah B. C. Rangrajan

C. Y.V. Reddy D. Abid Hussain

Ans. B.

130. The first Commonwealth Games were held in year 1930 at

A. London (UK)

B. Sydney (Australia)

C. Hamilton (Canada)

D. Auchland (New Zealand)

Ans. C.

131. Which of the following is currently matched

A. Nehru trophy – Table tennis

B. Holkar trophy - Bridge

C. Ruia trophy - Kabaddi

D. B.C. Roy Trophy-Lawn Tennis

Ans. B.

132. The disease Athlete foot is caused by

A. Bacteria B. Fungi

C. Protozoa D. Nematod

Ans. B.

133. Which oe of the following is not obtain from stem?

A. Sunhemp B. Jute

C. Hemp D. Cotton

Ans. D.

134. Plant which grow in saline soil are

A. Xerophytes B. Hydrophytes

C. Halophytes D. Succulents

Ans. C.

135. What are the type of bonds present in CuSO4. 5H2O

A. Electrovalent and covalent

B. Electrovalent and co-ordinate

C. Electrovalent, covalent, co-ordinate and hydrogen bond

D. Covalent and co-ordinate covalent

Ans. C.

136. Match List-1 with List-2 and select the correct answer using the codes given the lists.

List – 1 List -2

A. Blue vitriol 1.Sodium bicarbonate

B. Epsom salt 2. Sodium hydroxide

C. Baking soda 3. Magnesium sulphate

D. Caustic soda 4. Copper sulphate

A. A-3 B-4 C-2 D-1

B. A-4 B-3 C-2 D-1

C. A-3 B-4 C-1 D-2

D. A-4 B-3 C-1 D-2

Ans. D.

137. Which one of th following is not an essential micronutrient for plants?

A. Boron B. Zinc

C. Sodium D. Copper

Ans. C.

138. A renowed Hindi poet who received the sahitya, Akedemi award for his work ‘Hawa mein hastakshar ‘passed away on April 1, 2015 is

A. Ajit Kumar

B. Kailash Vajpayi

C. Harishankar Parsai

D. Ravindra Kalia

Ans. B.

139. The 99th constitution Amendment Act was in news recently. It is related to

A. National Judicial Appointments Commission

B. Right to work

C. Reservation of women in police services

D. Police action in Naxal-prone areas.

Ans. A.

140. Who has bee declared the best actor and the best actress at the 62nd national film awards announced on March 24, 2014 in new Delhi?

A. Sanjari Vijay and Kangana Ranaut

B. Sanjari Vijay and Baljinder Kaur

C. Bobby Simhaa and Kangana Ranaut

D. Bobby Simhaa and Baljinder Kaur

Ans. A
RRB JE SOLVED QUESTIONS SET 5 RRB JE SOLVED QUESTIONS SET 5 Reviewed by Bibi Mohanan on January 13, 2019 Rating: 5


January 13, 2019

62. The hexadecimal representation of (407)8 is______________
A. (107)16 B. (701)16
C. (017)16 D. (710)16
Ans. A.
63. Considering X and Y as binary variables, the Boolean expression Y + XY is equivalent to
A. X B. 1
C. 0 D. Y
Ans. D.
64. The 2’s compliment of the binary number (11110000)2 is
A. (00001111)2 B. (11110000)2
C. (00010000)2 D. (10101010)2
Ans. C.
65. Which of the following category of viruses does not replicate themselves?
A. Worms
B. Trojan horses
C. Boot section virusesD. Macro viruses
Ans. B.
66. In class ‘B’ IP addresses, number of network ID bits used to identify the class is _____________
A. 0 B. 1
C. 2 D. 3
Ans. C.
67. Which of the following categories of networks has largest geographic area?
Ans. A.
68. The front view and top view of a line both lie above the XY line. The line is located in:
A. First Quadrant B. Second Quadrant
C. Third Quadrant D. Fourth Quadrant
Ans. B.
69. If the nominal diameter of a bolt is “D”, then the width of the hexagonal nut across flat surfaces is empirically given as:
A. D B. 1.5 × D
C. 1.5 × D + 3 mm D. 1.5 × D + 5 mm
Ans. C.
70. A vernier scale is good enough to read in ………….. after decimal.
A. One digit B. Two digit
C. Three digit D. Four digit
Ans. B.
71. A sectioning plane cuts a cone such that it is inclined to cone axis at an angle other than 90° and it cuts all its generators. The section so cut is
A. Rectangular Hyperbola
B. A Parabola
C. A Hyperbola
D. An ellipse
Ans. D.
72. An isometric projection is a:
A. 2D view B. 3D view
C. 2½ view D. perspective view
Ans. A.
73. Which of the following is a unit of momentum?
A. N m B. kg m s–1
C. kg m s–2 D. kg m–2
Ans. B.
74. A ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 19.6 m/s. The maximum height it attains is
(g = 9.8 m/s2)
A. 4.9 m B. 9.8 m
C. 19.6 m D. 39.2 m75. A 10 kg box is placed at a height h above the ground. The potential energy of the box is 980 J. The value of h is (g = 9.8 m/s2)
A. 10 m B. 20 m
C. 98 m D. 49 m
Ans. A.
76. A source produces sound waves under water. Waves travel through water and some of it is transmitted into air. Which of the following statements about the frequency f and wavelength λ is correct as sound passes from water to air?
A. f and λ remain unchanged
B. f increases but λ decreases
C. f remains unchanged but λ increases
D. f remains unchanged but λ decreases
Ans. D.
77. A light ray from air enters and passes through a glass slab. Which of the following statement is true about its speed after it emerges from the block?
A. Speed of same as hat before it entered glass slab
B. Speed is same as that in glass slab
C. Speed is less than when in glass slab
D. Speed is less than before it entered glass slab
Ans. A.
78. Two resistors A and B are connected in parallel across a 3.0 V battery. The current through B is found to be 0.25 A. When the two resistors are connected in series to the same battery, the voltage across resistor A is found to be 1.0 V. Resistances of A and B are, respectively.
A. 6Ω, 12Ω B. 9Ω, 12Ω
C. 3Ω, 6Ω D. 12Ω, 24Ω
Ans. A.
79. Which among the following is a displacement reaction?
A. CaCO3 ……. CaO + CO2
B. 2H2 + O2 …………. 2H2O
C. Pb + CuCl2 ……… PbCl2 + Cu
D. C2H4 + H2 ………. C2H6
Ans. C.
80. What is the mass of molecule of nitrogen?
A. 14 u B. 28 u
C. 14/6.023 × 1023 D. 28/6.023 × 1023
Ans. D.
81. A metal forms an amphoteric oxide on reaction with oxygen. The metal is
A. Al B. Na
C. Cu D. Fe
Ans. A. carbon single bond, one carbon-carbon double bond and one carbon-carbon triple bond. What is the molecular formula?
A. C4H4 B. C4H6
C. C4H8 D. C4H10
Ans. A.
83. Which of the following are correct for the reaction
H2SO4 + 2NaOH ……… Na2SO4 + 2H2O it is
(i) an endothermic reaction
(ii) an exothermic reaction
(iii) a neutralization reaction
(iv) a combination reaction
A. (i) and (iii) B. (ii) and (iii)
C. (ii) and (iv) D. (iii) and (iv)
Ans. B.
84. The electronic configuration of an element is 2, 7. In which group of the modern periodic tale is this element placed?
A. 7 B. 9
C. 15 D. 1
Ans. A.
85. The hormone secreted by the human ovary is
C. Estrogen D. Testosterone
Ans. C.
86. Colour blindness is due to a defective gene on
A. X chromosome
B. Y chromosome
C. First pair of Autosomes
D. Last pair of Autosomes
Ans. A.
87. Mushrooms and Yeast are
A. Lower Plants B. Seedless plants
C. Fungi D. Microorganisms
Ans. C.
88. The end product of Photosynthesis is a
A. Carbohydrate B. Protein
C. Lipid D. Steriod
Ans. A.
89. When fertilizers as nutrients flow from field into an adjacent pond, algae bloom and cover the surface but fish in the pond die because.
A. algae use up all the Oxygen
B. algae die and decompose and poison the pond
C. fish do not get any nutrients
D. fish do not get any sunlight
Ans. A.


January 13, 2019

41. CPM is the

A. time oriented technique

B. event oriented technique

C. activity oriented technique

D. target oriented technique

Ans. C.

42. Which of the following cement has maximum percentage of C3S

A. Ordinary portland cement

B. Low heat cement

C. Sulphate resisting cement

D. Rapid hardening cement

Ans. D.

43. Consistency as applied to cohesive soils is an indicator of its

A. Density B. Moisture content

C. Shear strength D. Porosity

Ans. C.

44. The needle of a magnetic compass is generally supported on a

A. Bush bearing B. Ball bearing

C. Needle bearing D. Jewel bearing

Ans. D.

45. Stainless steel resist corrosion due to

A. Carbon B. Manganese

C. Chromium D. Sulphur

Ans. C.

46. A barometer is used to measure

A. Very low pressure

B. Very High pressure

C. Pressure difference between two points

D. Atmospheric pressure

Ans. D.

47. The household energy meter is

A. indicating instrument

B. recording instrument

C. integrating instrument

D. visible instrument

Ans. C.

48. Magnetic flux density has the dimensions

A. MI–1 T–2 B. M–1 I–2 T–2

C. ML–3 T–2 D. MI–1 T–3

Ans. A.

49. Assertion (A): De sauty’s bridge is suitable only for pure capacitor.

Reason (R): Capacitors are mostly perfect.

A. Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A

B. Both A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A

C. A is true R is false

D. A is false R is true

Ans. C.

50. A voltmeter using thermocouples measures

A. RMS value B. Peak value

C. Average value D. Peak of peak value

Ans. A.

51. To increase Q factor of a coil, the wire should be

A. Thin B. Thick

C. Long D. Long and thin

Ans. B.

52. The undesirable taste and odours caused by dissolved gases may be removed by

A. chemical treatment

B. aeration

C. disinfection

D. reverse osmosis

Ans. B.

53. The biochemical oxygen demand of treated water should be

A. nil

B. less than 30 mg/I

C. less than 150 mg/I

D. always more than 9 mg/I

Ans. A.

54. The function of sluice valve provided in pipe line is

A. to reduce the chances of pollution reaching into the pipe

B. to reduce the pressure on pipes

C. to regulate the flow of water through the pipes

D. to allow the air to enter the pipe

Ans. C.

55. The source of lead in urban atmosphere is

A. bursting of cracker in festive season

B. road traffic

C. construction works

D. small scale industries

Ans. B.

56. The noise level decreases with distance following

A. inverse square law

B. power law

C. directly proportional to intensity square

D. inversely proportional to intensity

57. The major pollutant that may cause damage to prestigious monument Taj Mahal is

A. RSPM along with humidity

B. NOx with HC + Ozone

C. SOx with humidity

D. Organic vapours released from Mathura refinery

Ans. C.

58. Microphone is a (an)_________________

A. Input device

B. Output device

C. Storage device

D. Both input and output device

Ans. A.

59. Which of the following is a volatile memory?

A. Cache memory B. Hard Disk


Ans. A.

60. Dynamic RAM (DRAM) is slower than Static RAM (SRAM) because___________________

A. DRAM uses flip-flops

B. DRAM is costlier

C. DRAM requires refreshing

D. DRAM is cheaper

Ans. C.

RRB JE PREVIOUS QUESTIONS SET 3 RRB JE PREVIOUS QUESTIONS SET 3 Reviewed by Bibi Mohanan on January 13, 2019 Rating: 5

RRB JE Previous questions

January 13, 2019
RRB 28th August Shift 2

1. For an ideal gas the value of Joule Thomson coefficient is
A. Zero B. 0.5
C. Unity D. Infinite
Ans. A.
2. Perpetual motion machine of second kind violates the
A. First law of thermodynamics
B. Kelvin-plank statement
C. Clausius statement
D. Third law of thermodynamics
Ans. B.
3. The ratio of thermal conductivity to electrical conductivity is equal to
A. Prandtl number B. Schmidt number
C. Lorentz number D. Lewis number
Ans. C.
4. The effectiveness of a fin will be maximum in a environment with
A. Free convection
B. Forced convection
C. Radiation
D. Convection and radiation
Ans. A.
5. With increasing temperature of intake air, IC engine efficiency
A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Remains same
D. Depends on other factors
Ans. A.
6. Thermal efficiency of CI engine is higher than that of SI engine due to
A. Fuel used
B. Higher compression ratio
C. Constant pressure heat addition
D. Lower compression ratio
Ans. B.
7. The float in the carburettor of a petrol engine controls
A. Flow rate of air
B. Flow rate of fuel
C. Flow rate of air-fuel mixture
D. Level of the petrol in the float chamber
Ans. D.
8. Angle between the face and flank of the single point cutting tool is known as
A. Rake angle B. Clearance angle
C. Lip angle D. Point angle
Ans. C.
9. Which of the following is a cutting tool material
A. High speed steel B. Mild steel
C. Cost iron D. Galvanized steel
Ans. A
10. In milling machine, the cutting tool is held in position by
A. Chuck B. Spindle
C. Arbor D. Tool holder
Ans. C.
11. Collapsible tooth paste tubes are manufactured by
A. Direct extrusion
B. Piercing
C. Impact extrusion
D. Indirect extrusion
Ans. C.
12. Sprue in casting refers to
A. Gate B. Runner
C. Riser D. Vertical passage
Ans. D.
13. In arc welding, arc is created between the electrode and work by
A. Flow of current
B. Voltage
C. Material characteristics
D. Contact resistance
Ans. D.
14. Preheating of work piece is essential in welding
A. High speed steel
B. Stainless steel
C. Cast iron
D. Aluminium
Ans. C.
15. An ideal voltage source should have
A. large value of emf
B. small value of emf
C. zero source resistance
D. infinite source resistance
Ans. C.
16. Which bulbs operates on lowest power
A. Night bulb B. Neon bulb
C. GLS bulb D. Torch bulb
Ans. D.
17. Electrode in not consumed in the case of
A. TIG welding
B. MIG welding
C. Gas welding
D. Resistance welding
Ans. A.
18. DC generator are installed near the load centres to reduce.
A. iron losses
B. line losses
C. sparking
D. corona losses
Ans. B.
19. In a DC motor, constant torque is produced due to
A. rotor laminations B. end plates
C. pole shoes D. commutator
Ans. D.
20. Which of the following is not a part of transformer.
A. Conservator B. Buccholz Relay
C. Exciter D. Breather
Ans. C.
21. An induction motor is
A. self starting with zero torque
B. self starting with high torque
C. self starting with low torque
D. non self starting
Ans. C.
22. The term “cogging” is associated with
A. three phase transformer
B. compound generators
C. DC series motor
D. Induction motors
Ans. D.
23. The speed of universal motor is generally reduced by using
A. gear trains B. V-belts
C. brakes D. chains
Ans. A.
24. A thermal protection switch can protect against
A. short circuit B. temperature
C. over load D. Variable load
Ans. C.
25. In a bipolar transistor which current is largest
A. collector current
B. base current
C. emitter current
D. base or emitter current
Ans. C.
26. The word enhancement mode is associated with
A. tunnel diode B. MOSFET
C. photodiode D. varactor diode
Ans. B.
27. Which of the following has highest resistivity?
A. Mica B. Paraffin
C. Air D. Mineral oil
Ans. C.
28. Power diodes are generally
A. silicon diodes
B. germanium diodes
C. carbon diodes
D. carbon or germanium diodes
Ans. A.
29. The depletion layer width of junction
A. decreases with light doping
B. is independent of applied voltage
C. increases under reverse bias
D. increases with heavy doping
Ans. C.
30. For mercury arc rectifiers, the anode is usually made up of
A. aluminium B. graphite
C. tungsten D. copper
Ans. B.
31. For effective modulation, the degree of modulation should
A. small
B. never exceed 100%
C. be large
D. always more than 100%
Ans. B.
32. Which of them radiates emission?
C. Both LCD and LED
D. Neither LCD nor LED
Ans. A.
33. Binary 101010 is equivalent to decimal number
A. 24 B. 42
C. 64 D. 44
Ans. B.
34. The number of valence electrons in donor impurity are
A. 1 B. 3
C. 5 D. 7
Ans. C.
35. A prismatic beam has uniform
A. Depth B. Width
C. Strength D. Cross-section
Ans. D.
36. A well graded soil has a coefficient of curvature between
A. 10 to 12 B. 7 to 9
C. 4 to 6 D. 1 to 3
Ans. D.
37. How is the deflection in RC beams controlled as per IS : 456?
A. By using large aspect ratio
B. By using small modular ratio
C. By controlling span/depth ratio
D. By moderating water-cement ratio
Ans. C.
38. A steel beam supporting loads from the floor slab as well as from wall is termed as
A. Stringer beam
B. Lintel beam
C. Spandrel beam
D. Header beam
Ans. C.
39. The dimensions of dynamic viscosity μ are
A. ML–1 T–2 B. ML–1 T–1
C. MLT–2 D. M°L°T°
Ans. B.
40. The representative fraction 1/2500 means that the scale 1 cm is equal to
A. 0.25 m B. 2.5 m
C. 25 m D. 2.5 km
Ans. C.

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